DIN SPEC – new standards for magnetic measuring standards

April 30, 2023

ELSOMA is specialised in the development of magnetising and measuring instruments for bipolar and multipolar sensor magnets. It is therefore only logical that ELSOMA is a consortium member in the development of new standards for magnetic measuring standards, which are used in every magnetic displacement or angle measuring system. 

Already in 2022 the new DIN SPEC 91411 standard “Requirements for the technical representation of magnetic measuring standards in design drawings” could be completed, and this year work started on another standard – DIN SPEC 91479 – for the purpose of “Characterisation of measuring standards for magnetic displacement and angle measuring systems” under the auspices of the network INNOMAG e. V. (link to membership page).

DIN SPEC 91411 can be downloaded free of charge at DIN SPEC 91411 – 2022-08 – We take both standards into account in the programming and data evaluation of our measuring instruments (link to A05 product page).

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