35 years of ELSOMA

35 years of ELSOMA

Since its foundation in 1989 in Schwerte, the Hanseatic city on the Ruhr, ELSOMA has established itself as an innovative and reliable supplier of magnetising and measuring technology for all common materials. Our products are now used in virtually all industries in which permanent magnets are used. With our dedicated and competent team, we look forward to serving new applications and industries. Challenge us!

Company foundation

  • ELSOMA founded by Franz and Brigitte op den Winkel in Schwerte, Germany
  • Development and marketing of magnetising units
  • Focus on small, portable units with integrated magnetising coil

Expansion of the product range

  • Development of the first fully automatic magnetising devices suitable for integration into automation cells.
  • Expansion of the product range to include magnetic measuring technology, e.g. flux density measuring devices.

Entry into automation

  • First fully automatic machines that magnetise and test technically complex magnets in large quantities and at a high production rate so that they can then be transferred to automation cells for further processing.
  • The initial focus is on the magnetisation of AlNiCo and hard ferrite magnets, such as those used in sensor systems. With ELSOMA magnetisers, it is possible to magnetise them only after they have been completely assembled.

First products for plastic-bonded magnets

  • Magnetising devices and magnetising equipment for plastic-bonded magnets and magnet systems are now part of ELSOMA's product portfolio.
  • Highly coercive materials such as SmCo are also taken into account.
  • The design and manufacture of multipole magnetising devices for multipole magnets in particular has become an important field of activity here.

First trade fair appearances

  • Exhibition of equipment for plastic-bonded magnets in Friedrichshafen

Development of further magnet products

  • Development of a magnet for use in low-cost, high-quality headphones using SmN as material.

Participation in associations

  • Membership of the AMA Association for Sensor Technology
  • Membership of Innomag e.V. - Innovation Platform for Magnetic Microsystems

New automation projects and first ISO certification

  • Fully automated production of gears for headlamp levellers in vehicles
  • Certification according to ISO 9001

Extension of the product range

  • Development of the flux density meter C10
  • Development of the energy efficient magnetiser EEM230

Record result

  • ELSOMA achieves record result despite pandemic
  • Participation in the creation of the DIN SPEC 91411 standard

The course is set anew

  • Sale of ELSOMA to Dr. Slatter Holding

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