IPM-rotor magnetisation technologies and their evaluation

This is the title of the presentation by Tomita-san from our partner company NDK (Nihon Denji Sokki Co. Ltd.) from Tokyo at this year’s EDPC conference on 29th and 30th November 2023 at the marina Forum Regensburg.

Since 2011, the international Electric Drives Production Conference and Exhibition has established itself as an outstanding platform for researchers, product developers, production experts, buyers and potential users of electric drives to exchange experiences. The conference offers participants a comprehensive and in-depth discussion of the latest research results on electric drives production and application-related technologies.

The 2023 conference will cover all topics related to electric drives, from materials science to design, novel manufacturing processes to mass production.

NDK’s presentation describes the current trends in magnet and motor development and the increasing demand for more powerful magnetisation sources and magnetisation devices that can offer higher efficiencies. This will be particularly necessary in processes where the magnets are already built into the rotor.

Methods for measuring the magnetic flux density on the surface of rotors, including measuring devices for determining the total magnetic flux density, are proposed for evaluating magnetisation. The presentation covers both methods and measuring devices for measuring magnetisation properties.

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