EDPC Conference Regensburg November 2023

EDPC Electric Drives Production Conference

November 29 – 30, 2023


Successful conference for ELSOMA

On November 29-30, 2023, the 13th International Electric Drives Production Conference (E|DPC) took place in Regensburg, Germany. This year’s conference was a truly global gathering, with over 200 participants from 16 different countries coming together to share knowledge and insights in the field of electric drive production.

Everything revolved around the latest trends, innovations and challenges in the production of electric drives, enriched by the knowledge and experience shared by the speakers and participants. The insights and discussions of these two days have undoubtedly helped to improve collective understanding and shape the future of the industry. ELSOMA was not only a participant but was also actively involved in the conference indirectly through a presentation by its Japanese partner company NDK. Naoya Tomita, from NDK’s R&D department provided interesting insights into the topic of the magnetization of IPM (internal permanent magnet) motors for electric vehicles.

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