Magnetizer 230C4

Magnetizer 230C4


The magnetizers ELSOMA 230C4 are microprocessor-controlled magnetizing devices with integrated diagnostic and measurement function. They can be used with any permanent magnetic material, especially to magnetize polymer bonded magnet materials. Their very short magnetizing pulses (<1mS) enable the production of multi pole magnets with a small separation distance between the poles.

During the production process the magnetizer can check the flux density of the magnetized magnet as well as the resistance of an inductive sensor. Furthermore the function of sensors with integrated hall-sensor can be checked: Faulty parts can be indicated by an acoustic signal.

An alphanumeric display offers plain-text output of the measurement data and communication with the operator

Via the integrated RS 232 interface you can set the limiting value for measurements, and for production control the measurement data can be transferred to any PC.

Corresponding magnetizing devices can be provided.


  • release button (integrated into protective hood)
  • integrated contacting for sensors
  • nest to measure flux density
  • LEDs to control status
  • mains switch
  • PC-interface RS 232 /USB


  • ELSOMA Software to set limiting value and for parametrising
  • ELSOMA Software for data recording on any PC

Magnetizer ELSOMA 230C4 data

maximum energy 600 to 2400Ws
maximum voltage 900VDC
nominal line voltage 230VAC
nominal current 8A
nominal capacity 720µF to 2880µF
max current with magnetization 1500A (max 3mS)
charging period of the capacitor <4s (at maximum charging voltage)