Flux Density Meter (Tesla Meter) C10

Measuring device for magnetic flux density


  • Monochrome graphic LC display with RGB back-light
  • Can be equipped with various probes for different applications. A four-channel measuring socket is available for this purpose.
  • USB interface for communication with PC system
  • Internal data memory for monitoring measurement series, e.g. for quality assurance or for incoming goods inspection
  • Network interface for data retrieval and back up of measurement series
  • Expandable by digital I / O module to integrate the measuring device into the automation process
  • accumulator or battery operation
  • Customized software extensions are possible.

Available probes

Transverse probe TS5.1DAxial probe AS5.1D33D probe FH2.3DProbes for measuring alternating fields
For measuring fields in the range of 10μT to 5T.
For measuring fields in the range of 10μT to 5T.
For measuring the spacial angle of the field vector.
  • Construction and production of customized probes

Technical data (with probe AS5.1D or TS5.1D)

  • Resolution 1μT (in the most sensitive range)
  • Measuring ranges: ± 5,00T / ± 2000mT / ± 500,0mT / ± 200,00mT / ± 50,000mT
  • Maximum flux density 5 Tesla.
  • Measurement error 1% + 3 digits (ambient temperature 20 ° C ± 5 ° C)
  • Battery operation> 5h
  • Power consumption max. 3W

The datasheet for download: