All about magnet technology

We have developed and manufactured magnetizers since 1989 starting with magnetizers for AlNiCo-magnets, which are magnetised after being installed into sensor systems. Later we also produced magnetizers for polymer-bonded magnets and magnetic systems. Currently, we specialise in multipolar polymer magnets.

We offer:

  • Magnetic consultation
  • Magnetizing devices
  • Magnetizing equipment
    • for bipolar magnets
    • for multi-pole magnets
  • Measurement technology for or anything to do with magnets
  • Measurement devices to determine magnetic values
  • Analysis of magnetic fields via stereoscopic scanner
  • Magnetic alignment units for the production of anisotropic magnets via plastic injection molding technology
    • Design of the magnetic field cycle within the injection molding tool
    • Dimensioning and production of the coils for field generation in the injection molding tool
    • Connection of the alignment station (power source) to the interface of the plastic injection molding tool
    • Support in tool design from the magnetic point of view

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